Being a Woman

We all hear now and then about how women are discriminated, how they are viewed as second class citizens all around the globe. We are all aware of the fact that there is a reality about sexism. That women are abused, that women don’t earn the wage they deserve, and that they get hurt.

Some of us care about it; want to change something and act accordingly. Others, ignore the issue, and act as if it doesn’t exist – just because it’s not happening to them or the people they know.

But last day, I heard something. Something so terrible that I don’t believe any human being can ignore the severity of the issue…

“Are Women Considered As Human Beings?” Yes, unfortunately you read it correct. This name was given to a conference in Saudi Arabia, just a year ago. Hundreds of people came together, and debated on this agenda item. And guess what they had as a conclusion to the question. At the end of the conference in Riyad, they have decided that women are mammals, yet not “human”.

It is even hard to process the information, isn’t it? Even though I still have a hard time to accept that this conference was real, I only have one thing to say. Please question the humanity of your manhood, before even attempting to debate on whether women are human or not. 



2 Replies to “Being a Woman”

    1. Thank you for the information. I’ve read this news from different sources and know that the conference was real; however, that page may be a fake cite.


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