Symphony of Thoughts

I have always believed that, if you are speaking big, you have to endure its consequences. If you say “The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of the people.” then you should act in accordance to your statement. Not only in political debates, or in front of people that you want to impress; you have to believe it from your heart and apply it to every corner of your life.

If you appreciate, or at least respect, difference you really have to internalise it. You can’t be an anti-racist and then discriminate women. You can’t identify yourself as a feminist and then abuse others because of their culture. You can’t say that you respect to all kinds of belief, and then humiliate the LGBTQ community.

It may sound extreme, but yes, if you say that you find diversity beautiful, you have respect all kinds of different opinions, even the ones that contradict with yours. Don’t forget; if you insist to imply your thoughts to matter what, you are no different than a dictator. No different than Hitler, no different than Mussolini…

So from now on, before labelling yourself as a human rights activist, respecting to all kinds of difference among the human kind, you better take the responsibility of the words you speak. And instead of fighting with every different ideology you hear, try to enjoy the symphony of thoughts that floats around the globe.

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