The Inevitable Process of the Loss of Individuality

Realization of the transformation from childhood to adulthood starts at the early teenage years, where these young adults are in the process of finding their own identities and shaping their characteristics – but maybe in other words losing what they already have in hand and getting in a robotic shaped structure.

A majority of high school students talk about growing up as a negative process. The most common words they use to describe their experiences through out their teenage years are “stress”, “responsibility”, “problems”, “anxiety”, “stereotypes”, “failure”, “depression”, “workload”.

I think the words, “I’m not living my own life anymore. I’ve stopped living for my self a long time ago” is well self-explanatory, indicating what today’s teenagers are going through.

Growing up brings responsibilities with it, responsibilities given by the society to the individuals. Societal pressure and expectations from the community brings children down. They lose their own identities day by day and become puppets of the society. Regardless of their will, their future gets shaped by others.

First comes the school. Exams, projects, university, rivalry, which all end up with the word “stress”. Then come family, expectations, pressure, and the things they want from you. And then conflicts with people in your life, disagreements, the process of excluding the different one or losing your own self in order to be included. Later comes the rush of finding a job, earning your own money, building a marriage, becoming a father and mother – once again regardless of your identity, your wants, wills, dreams and goals, only according to the ideal adult figure people’s mind.

And then people ask “How did I become like this? Why did I lose my innocence, honesty? What has happened to me?” Then when they look back to them selves they see the loss of their own selves. They see that they couldn’t resist to the inevitable process of adapting to the harsh adult life, and turning to the typical boring adult figure they didn’t want to become years ago.


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