Reading One’s Mind

Socrates once said “Knowledge is virtue”. From a similar perspective, I say knowledge is power. There isn’t a better feeling than being asked a question which you already know the answer, no matter how hard it is. Even though you don’t have to know the exact answer of the question, you need the core cues that will enable you to proceed through a logical journey.

However, instead of what many think, knowledge isn’t something that is easy to achieve. Knowledge is much more than what you see on Wikipedia definitions. Reading and searching helps you until a point. But after a certain point, you have to be able to see what no one sees, perceive what no one understands. Basically you have to expect the unexpected, ready to tackle  any issue that arises at any moment. On top of meeting the expectations, you have to  push your limits, think outside the box to  create a difference.

Reading books isn’t enough after a point; you have to use the books you read to read the minds of people.

For me, a person you has succeeded in life is a person who was able to read the minds of people. No matter how talented we are, we are living with people as a part of a community. We live in a world where the knowledge that the society doesn’t want to know, doesn’t want to use or doesn’t want to buy has no worth at all, no matter how precious it is.

I can’t give you instructions to read the mind’s of people. For some it passes through psychology, for some philosophy, while for some the art of rhetoric. But regardless of which path you chose, your end goal should be to perceive the perspective of others and get into the world’s of them.

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